Vacancy: Cleaner

The Trustees of North Connel Hall Ltd. seek a contractor to provide cleaning services for the hall.

The work will take around 6 hours per calendar month and we would offer to pay £80 each month (£960 per annum). The cleaner should liaise with the Hall Booking Secretary to fit cleaning days around bookings. It would be helpful to choose a regular day for the cleaning, but fitting in with the bookings as much as possible.

We would like the following duties to be undertaken.


  • Clean kitchen surfaces and sinks
  • Check fridge is clean
  • Empty bins
  • Mop kitchen floor
  • Clean toilets/wash hand basins
  • Mop toilet floors
  • Ensure toilet rolls available
  • Brush hall floor
  • Vacuum carpets


  • Ensure all windows clean
  • Purchase cleaning products, bin liners, toilet rolls and invoice the Treasurer for reimbursement.

The contract will be reviewed following a six month trial period.

For further details or to apply for this position, please contact the hall secretary by email before the 16th February 2024.